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Last update: May 18, 1998

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Why WoA Was Created

The United States has the best economic system in the world. But something is terribly wrong in our Nation, today. In spite of the fact that corporate profits are at their highest levels in 30 years and the stock market keeps hitting new highs, real wages continue a 20-year decline. Workers continue to see their quality of life deteriorate as overtime hours reach record levels and more and more high paying jobs are being given to foreign workers.

Who will speak for the American worker? With union membership continuing to drop and only representing about 15% of the American work force, the American worker needs a stronger voice. Workers of America, Inc., was created to provide that voice.


Our Mission

I. Inform the American worker, business leaders, legislators and, in general, the American public, concerning existing conditions and trends in the American workplace.

II. Work for the betterment of the American worker and, coincidentally, the condition of American business and American society as a whole.

III. Coordinate and cooperate with other organizations promoting issues that benefit the American worker.

The current economy is one of paradox. Corporate profits and stock prices continue to grow while the majority of workers' real income and sense of security decline. The growing income gap in the United States is fed by economic decisions (or indecision) that put profits ahead of people and result in inadequate wages, reduced benefits and less job security for American workers.

Since 1980, while workers' real wages have stagnated, the pay for corporate CEOs rose by nearly 500 percent. The growing inequality in incomes in the U.S. is causing our middle class to shrink and the American Dream to fade for a growing number of families.

During the 1996 elections, business interests poured more than $250 million into the campaign vs. $25 million for labor. Unless workers act, that guarantees that the voice of business interests will continue to be favored over the interests of workers in the halls of Congress. While Republicans push for more cuts in government, businesses continue to freeze wages and cut benefits such as health care and retirement plans. (Click here for additional background information)

If you want to make a difference and help in building a strong national organization that will fight for the legitimate concerns of American workers, become a member of Workers of America. By joining, you:

Workers of America, Incorporated, is a non-profit, non-stock corporation chartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Workers of America, Inc. was founded in August, 1995 and is headquartered in Springfield, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C.

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