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Few Americans would associate the term "infrastructure" with a critical national issue with which they should be concerned. But it is. The nation's infrastructure, or its public works system, is made up primarily of highways, bridges, airports and air traffic control systems, rail and urban transit systems. Infrastructure refers to the systems and their components that are used to carry people and goods. Thus defined, our infrastructure has a significant impact on the nation's economy and the quality of our daily lives.

There are currently two major issues pertaining to the nation's infrastructure -- its ability to meet the demands placed upon it and its physical condition. How we deal with these two issues will have a major impact on our ability to compete in the global environment and generate good paying jobs for all sectors of the workforce.

Capacity. In large part, the success or failure of our economy demands on the ability to transport people and goods both rapidly and efficiently. In the burgeoning global economy, the relative condition of a nation's infrastructure can be either a major advantage or a major hindrance in its ability to compete with its foreign competitors.

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