Workers of America

Political Reform

Politics has become the domain of the rich and priviledged. This is particularly true in Congress, where a growing number of Representatives and Senators are millionaires. By itself, the salary received by members of Congress puts them in the top 10% of income earners, distancing themselves economically from the overwhelming majority of their constituents they are supposed to serve.

Rightfully believing that neither major political party is sensitive to their needs and concerns, millions of Americans have dropped out of the political process and do not vote at election time. Many in Congress have become the captives of special interests, providing favored treatment in return for the contributions that feed their campaigns.

The growing disregard that members of Congress have for the needs of their constituents is fueled by the knowledge that so many citizens, particularly the young and those at the bottom end of the income ladder, do not vote. It's a vicious cycle that threatens the very foundation of our democracy. The question is, how can changes be made to rescue the democratic process and make government more responsive to the needs of its citizens and the nation as a whole?

Unfortuately, there is no easy answer to this fundamental question. Nonetheless, it is clear that basic changes are necessary, no matter how difficult they may be to implement.

Workers of America believes that two major changes need to occur in the political process:

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