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Question 1: Congress recently turned down President Clinton's request for "fast track" authority to conclude new trade agreements. The President, however, has vowed to continue to fight for fast track authority and hopes to win a congressional vote early next year. Workers of America believes that fast track trade agreements that have been concluded in the past, such as NAFTA, have failed to put sufficient wage and environmental safeguards in place and have been bad for workers. Do you favor or oppose the fast track authority requested by President Clinton?

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Question 2: In spite of the fact that the United States spends more per capita than any other country on health care, over 40 million Americans lack basic health care coverage. The United States is the only major industrialized country that does not provide some form of universal health care coverage for its citizens. Workers of America believes that workers should not have to fear the economic consequences of illness and supports the adoption of some form of government-sponsored universal health care coverage in the United States. Do you favor or oppose the adoption of a government-sponsored universal health care program in the U.S.?

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Question 3: Last year Congress approved an increase in the minimum wage from $4.25 to $5.15 per hour. The new $5.15 rate became effective September 1. Even with the increase, however, workers with families who are working for the minimum wage are still below the poverty level. Workers of America believes that all workers deserve a living wage and supports another increase in the minimum wage. Do you favor or oppose another increase in the minimum wage?

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